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    GEMB Gesellschaft für
    Emissionsmanagement und Beratung mbH
    Geschäftsführer Michael Kroehnert
    Helmholtzstraße 2-9
    10587 Berlin
    Telefon: +49 30 398 8721-20
    Telefax: +49 30 398 8721-29
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    The GEMB mbH has three subsidiarys:
    The Climate Company, the Umwelt-Plakette and Emissionshä

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      Who is Climate Company?

      Climate Company is an enterprise for consulting and trading issues with a special emphasis on matters concerning climate protection. Climate Company runs the internet portal as an information tool for matters concerning emission, environment and the ever increasing restrictions with regard to car traffic in German Cities due to the fine dust problems. The governmental bodies in Germany do not sufficiently inform about these matters, therefore Climate Company as a private enterprise fills the gap and refinances its efforts by means of providing the Umweltplakette for private parties and commercial enterprises. Cars without the Umweltplakette will not have access to the Center of certain Cities in Germany.

      Climate Company also runs another internet portal Again  Climate Change, Climate Protection are the focus, but the emphasis is put on CO2  -free (compensated) driving of cars as well as the offer of Climate gifts for private parties. These by that means can participate in the European Trade System for Emission Rights or can get engaged in international projects for Climate Protection. Thus they can support the Climate protection and support a sustainable future development on a voluntary basis.

      The team of Climate Company has experience over many years in the fields of Emission Management and the Trade of Emission Rights for Enterprises and Organizations. Climate Company is also represented in a further internet portal Emissionshä as accredited member of the Energy Bourses in Vienna and Amsterdam, as well as Trading Participant of the European Energy Bourse in Leipzig. 
      Climate Company is registered officially at the offices in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany  as  "GEMB Gesellschaft für Emissionsmanagement und Beratung mbH" under register number HRB 101917.

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